Fighting for Every Texas Worker

Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz have blocked efforts to improve the lives of Texas families. Maxey Scherr will put the interests of Texas first in Washington – and has a plan to do so.

On her first day in the U.S. Senate, Maxey will start working to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. We are the greatest and richest nation on earth – and it is shameful that Americans who work full-time at minimum-wage jobs continue to live in poverty. Raising the minimum wage will also benefit middle class families: in fact, a recent article by the Atlantic noted that families earning less than $60,000 a year would benefit most from a minimum wage increase. 

Women make 77 cents for every dollar that men make, but that does not concern John Cornyn. Maxey will work in the United States Senate to rectify this – starting with supporting the legislation to improve pay equity that was introduced in the Senate this year.

At her core, Maxey believes that Social Security and Medicare are sacred obligations both to our current retirees and to our current workforce. One of our country’s great promises is that Americans who work their entire lives will retire in dignity – and to Maxey this is a pledge that must be protected.

Cruz Control works great for big corporations but not for middle class families. Workers should not pay for Wall Street’s recklessness and irresponsibility and it is maddening that Washington politicians fail to understand that. 

Creating Good Paying Jobs for Tomorrow

Washington’s dysfunction is preventing us from taking smart, responsible, and innovative steps for our kids today that will guarantee good paying jobs for them tomorrow. 

Maxey will fight in Washington for more support for our teachers and kids in Texas public schools. A public school parent, she will collaborate with all the stakeholders -- students, teachers, and parents -- to ensure that all our kids receive a good public education. Creating great public schools begins by investing in our educators who lead the classroom - and ending the culture of berating them. We need to retain good teachers in the public school system and promote their professional development and improvement throughout their careers. In addition, Maxey will vote to protect low interest rates for students so we can send more kids to college in order to have a more knowledgeable, skilled, and diverse Texas workforce. 

Maxey supports more job training programs so we can put Americans struggling in today’s fickle economy back to work. 

In addition, Texas has an incredibly talented, smart, and innovative workforce and, with more support from Washington, we will grow our high tech research centers – which are critical for creating good jobs for our next generation.

Standing up for Civil, Human, and Individual Rights

When it comes to issues related to human rights – such as the rights of immigrants, children, women and the LGBT community – Cruz and Cornyn support absolute government control, not individual rights. 

Maxey is a native of El Paso and knows that Senators Cruz and Cornyn have distorted and reckless priorities on immigration that will not make us safer. The border does not need to be militarized – in fact, El Paso, a border town, was ranked the safest large city in America for the third year in a row. 

Instead, Maxey will be a leader in passing comprehensive immigration reform – which Cruz and Cornyn have opposed – that puts undocumented workers on a path to citizenship and gets them out of the shadows of our society. Simply put, we need an improved flow of new immigrants who want to enter legally and a path for the millions currently living amongst us here but outside the law. 

Maxey fully supports marriage equality and will support legislation to protect gays and lesbians in the workplace. In addition, Maxey supports a woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices, and believes those decisions are between a woman and her doctor – DC politicians should not be involved.

Working with Democrats and Republicans to Get Things Done

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are the epitome of Washington’s dysfunction. The United States Senate ought to be the great deliberative body it was intended to be. It cannot live up to that ideal today when certain lawmakers are unwilling to solve problems unless things go exactly their way, every single time. 

Maxey will join the growing group of bipartisan women in Washington who are focused on finding common ground and producing results that improve the lives of American families. When Ted Cruz and his allies irresponsibly led the government to a shutdown, six of the fourteen senators who brokered the compromise to resume government operations were women. Likewise, Democratic Senator Patty Murray partnered with Republican Congressman Paul Ryan to find common ground on budgetary issues in late 2013. 

Cutting Wasteful Government Spending

Cruz and Cornyn shut down the federal government instead of addressing Washington’s out of control spending . That behavior leads us nowhere and distracts us from focusing on the real issues. 

Taxpayers agree that Washington has a spending problem. We need to balance our annual budget and stop the out of control spending that leaves our children with all the debt. 

Maxey will work with allies in Congress – Democrats and Republicans – to eliminate wasteful spending and operational duplication. She will protect investments for Texas’ future but will go line-by-line in the federal budget to identify more efficiencies.

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