Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are the epitome of everything that is wrong with Washington – and they are putting Texas on track for a wreck. Maxey Scherr is running for the United States Senate to stop them.

Maxey Scherr, a fourth generation Texan from El Paso, is a single mom, lawyer, and Democrat. She is running for the United States Senate to fight for the families and communities across Texas that Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are recklessly leaving behind.

As a lawyer, Maxey was a champion for those who could not fight for themselves: kids whose lives were destroyed by corporate negligence, people who suffered from discrimination, everyday Texans hurt at the workplace, and people who have lost family members.

She was their voice in court – and won. 

In the United States Senate, Maxey will continue to be a vocal fighter for those who need it most – for people in the “forgotten Texas” that Cruz and Cornyn are leaving behind. 

Maxey will bring her life experience and record fighting for families, kids, women, and workers. Maxey will fight for immigration reform. She will raise the minimum wage to help every worker, and work with Democrats and Republicans to fix Obamacare – without giving power back to the insurance companies. Maxey will work to cut wasteful government spending, but increase support for Texas public schools, job training programs, and high-tech research that are critical to creating tomorrow’s good paying jobs. 

A graduate of Texas Tech School of Law, Maxey received jurisprudence recognition for her law school performance and was awarded an academic scholarship for her work on civil and human rights issues abroad.

Maxey lives in El Paso with her son, Tryston. She is a member of numerous associations, including the Texas State Bar, the El Paso Bar Association and the El Paso Women’s Bar Association.

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